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45th Annual
South Dakota Fiddle Contest & South Dakota Fiddle Festival
Sept. 8 - 10, 2017
Yankton 4-H Grounds

Mini-Concert Bios


Bettie Swartz with Dan Pease




DAN PEASE sez, “I thank Roy Rogers for giving me a lifelong love of guitars (“If Roy had played a tuba, I’d probably be a tuba collector today!”). Then rock’n’roll hit and I plugged in for a few years, channeling Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly, etc., etc. But the acoustic guitar reclaimed the driver’s seat, and I spent my young and middle adulthood singing the praises and songs of balladeers, buskers and bluesmen. My interests have now expanded to collecting (and sort of playing) banjos and mandolins and my focus now is the joyful performance of old-time music and old-time-sounding songs and tunes with my life’s companion.”


BETTIE SWARTS writes, “I grew up on a farm in Illinois and began playing fiddle at age nine. Our family string band played for many square dances and area town festivals. My primary fiddle is the Amati copy my dad bought me, when I was nine years old.


I was a founding member of the Barn Owl Band, based in Ames, IA, playing for contra and square dances around central Iowa. In 2002 the band was asked to play on “Prairie Home Companion” when Garrison Keeler brought his radio show to Ames.”


SINCE UNITING in music and in life in 2006, Dan and Bets have travelled about ten times ‘round the world (so far), going to festivals, music camps, concerts, jams, weddings and such, always surrounded by and joining in the music.


In concert they now include fiddles, guitars, banjos, harp guitars, and Bettie’s wondrous 1878 Iowa-made octave fiddle, “Fidzilla.” They aim—and hope to—please


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